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Video - Proposed Field Renovations Draw Coaches Support

Proposed upgrades have raised concerns among some residents

The proposed $3.5 million in renovations to Memorial Complex & Town Center, Pulis Fields and the Larkin House, which would include installing artificial turf at Memorial and adding lighting at Pulis, has drawn the ire of some residents who've expressed concerns about the potential noise, light and increased traffic that could come with the renovated fields.

Recently Patch went to the fields in question and caught up with some coaches, including a Wyckoff Lacrosse coach, who expressed support for the field renovations.

The specific proposals made by the Parks and Recreation Foundation include the following:

Memorial Field:  Adding a large synthetic turf with a multi-sport field; a new performing arts gazebo; snack stand and reflecting pool.

Pulis Field: Adding two multi-sport synthetic fields; one grass multi-sport field, lights; a walking/running track, snack stand.

The Park and Rec foundation is scheduled to make followup presentation to the Township Committee at its April 5th meeting.

JVS730 March 19, 2011 at 12:56 PM
I cannot agree with the coaches assesment that "no one would be affected" by the expansion and lighting of Pulis Fields. Spring Meadow Condominium residents will be severely affected. Expanding to include a third field would increase the traffic by 50%. The third field would be directly behind the residents. Adding ligts will push the playing time into the evening/night - what time would they really end? This will also produce more traffic in the evening where there is none now. Lighting will definitely be seen by the residents and light will spill onto their property. Think about 60' tall poles with 12 high powered lights on each. Would you want to see that from your house? Look at the lights at Memorial field and you will see what i mean. No to the expanson and no to lighting!
Diane D Haase March 19, 2011 at 01:52 PM
Who is this 'Coach' who knows so much about soccer but not about the quality of life that will be destroyed by expanding Pulis Field? What does he care? He doesns't, and he doesn't live in Spring Meadow at the edge of Pulis Field. We have lived a peaceful life here despite all the growth, noise, traffic and trash caused by the rebuilding rebuilding and rebuilding of the Y right across the street. Now the town with the pushing of the louder soccer fans are considering going ahead with their plan....or have the town fathers already decided to cave in to one more carving up what little land is left in Wyckoff for the pleasure of the coaches, a few kids and their parents. Sure, race down Spring Meadow Road, drop off the kids, go shopping...you don't have to live with the fall out. This is our home, not yours. If the town goes through with this disaster you want to buy my home? What happened to the "small town" atmosphere? Give us a chance, don't drive us away.
Sally Howe March 19, 2011 at 02:13 PM
Oops. Someone forgot to do a 360 degree video of the area. Funny that neither the "Patch" nor the coaches could see the Spring Meadow townhouses adjacent to the field. I really don't know how a coach could say, with a straight face, that no one - he means no one - would be affected. This as he does a sweeping motion to the field behind the YMCA and the farm. Should also point out that the practice on the parking lot was a first. In the five years I have lived at Spring Meadow I have never seen a practice on the parking lot. I assume the Patch was present for the video taping. If so, please return and retry but make sure to turn all the way around this time. May I also remind all of you that we are not opposed to children or improvements to the existing playing fields. We are, however, totally opposed to the addition of lights. So please Patch - try again! Sally Howe
John E. P. Surak March 19, 2011 at 02:38 PM
The Coaches comments make me angry. His cavalier reference to the field upgrade as having little impact upon the Spring Meadow Community underscores his lack of knowledge. The lighting issue alone is most troublesome-a row of trees will not solve the problem. As a Spring Meadow resident, I am opposed to this project. Kids need places to play......but adults need their home environments shielded from increase traffic, noise and light pollution. John Surak
Chuck Howe March 19, 2011 at 03:45 PM
He never mentioned that the lights would be at least 40 feet higher than the "tree's that would block the light." The residence of Spring Meadow pay taxes to Wyckoff. Does the YMCA?


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