Ramapo Fencers Go One-and-One Thursday

Team beats Bernards, gets beat by Columbia in 5-way meet

The following sports report was submitted by Ramapo Fencing Coach Paul Apostol: 

Ramapo Fencers Triumph over Bernards 15-12 (14-12) 

In an exciting meet that was not decided until the next to the last bout, Ramapo beat one of the strongest Teams in the state on the strength of its sabre squad which swept all nine of its bouts, aided by a strong showing by the Ramapo epeeists who produced a 6-3 record against a very strong Bernards squad. The meet stayed very close with the overall score at 5-4 at the end of the first round, 9-9 at the end of the second round, with the decisive 14th victory scored by epeeist Scott Zeller who fought back from a 1-4 deficit to score 4 touches in a row to seal his 5-4 victory and to clinch the meet for Ramapo at 14-12. 

Ramapo sabreists fenced brilliantly with junior Alex Gorloff winning two of his bouts by 5-0 scores, sophomore Adam Carcione winning one of his bouts 5-0 and the other two by respectable margins and junior and Squad Captain Chris Muller also dominating his opponents with two 5-1 victories. Because of the closeness of the meet we kept all of our starters in the competition. Gorloff and Muller have a huge advantage because of their height and long reach and Carcione’s strength is his speed. All three fencers took maximum advantage of their strengths.

Senior and epee Squad Captain Sam Judd gave a huge boost to his squad mates by sweeping all three of his bouts 5-1, 5-3, and 5-3. He made touches to every part of his opponents’ target; head, trunk, arm, leg and toe in an excellent display of the skills he has learned as an avid club fencer who competes in NAC’s and many local competitions. Senior and overall Team Captain Scott Zellers dominated his first opponent 5-1, and was in a hard fought 4-4 tie in his second bout when he executed a perfect flunge to score the 5th touch. But the referee who was making terrible calls all day said that he saw Scotts back foot cross in front of his front foot which is considered a fleche and not allowed. The ref. does not understand that as long as there is no crossing on the action that scores the touch it doesn’t matter if there is a subsequent crossing. Basically Scott scored a legal touch then went running off the strip in celebration of his victory. The ref. annulled Scott’s touch and in the next action a dispirited Scott lost his 4-5 bout. Scott regained his composure and won his last bout. Sam and Scott’s victories gave the epee squad a 5-4 record.

Unfortunately, our foil squad continues to run into opponents who are all avid club fencers who also fence in many outside competitions where they gain invaluable experience. The squad went 1-8 with the sole victory scored by junior Daniel Kim in the third round which brought the score to 13-10, setting up the epee squad for the opportunity to win one of their three bouts to clinch the meet, which they did.

Ramapo Fencers Lose to Columbia 11-16 (8-14) 

Columbia is a perennial State Champion all of whose fencers train at a club instead of at the school and most if not all of them then become club members who train 12 months of the year. We did not have any illusions about winning the meet but wanted to run up a reasonable score, which we did. By the end of the second round with the score at 7-11 and with their foilists being so dominant and needing only three more victories to clinch the meet, we decided to let more of our fencers gain experience so we substituted our second string in all weapons.

Our starting lineup in sabre produced a 5-1 record, providing a foundation on which the other weapons could build a potential meet victory. Starters Alex Gorloff and Adam Carcione each went 2-0, while Chris Muller produced another victory. In the third round every fencer was substituted and junior Greg Duch was the only sub to add a victory resulting in a 6-3 record for the squad. 

Ramapo epeeists fought a very well trained Columbia squad to a 5-4 record. Starters Sam Judd and Edward Lim each contributed one victory and were subed out of the meet with everyone else in the third round where Michael Daly, Matt Rizzo and John Lim all made victories. 

Ramapo foilists unfortunately went 0-9. We will concentrate on helping them fence better.

Ramapo’s next meet is against Don Bosco, our arch-rival, on Thursday, 1/3/13, away. Don Bosco is another school where 100% of the Team trains at a club, since their practice site is at a club as opposed to on campus. Most of the fencers then join the club and train there year round. They will be our most challenging opponent in the Bergen-Passaic League.

Contact: Coach Paul Apostol 201-891-6208; pdapostol@optonline.net

Ramapo’s prior meets against: Nyack 28-1 (14-1), Fair Lawn 23-4 (14-2), Passaic Valley 16-11 (14-7)

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