Don Bosco Out-fences Ramapo

Ramapo fencers defeated by Don Bosco 13-14 (12-14)

Don Bosco, perennial arch rival for Ramapo, won the meet on the strength of its foil squad who dominated Ramapo foilists with an 8-1 record. Unfortunately for Ramapo, this meet, originally scheduled for 1/3, was recently pushed to 1/4 at Don Bosco’s request. January 4 was the date for Ramapo’s production of the play, “Harvey”, and three of the Ramapo fencers who were in the play had to leave the meet.  Don Bosco dominated the first round where they went 6-3. Their lead was cut slightly by the end of the second round, which ended with Bosco ahead 10-8. In the third round Ramapo sabreists tied the meet at 10-10. In the second epee bout of the third round with the score 13-12 Bosco, their epeeist squeezed out a 5-4 victory which gave them the crucial 14th victory. 

Ramapo epeeists delivered a 6-3 record with senior, Co-Captain Sam Judd going undefeated with a 3-0 record against a very strong Bosco epee squad. Sam’s victories were very impressive with no Bosco fencer scoring more than two touches against him. Senior and overall Team Captain Scott Zellers contributed a hard fought 5-4 victory in the second round, as did junior Matt Martone, who was subbed into the meet in the second round. Their victories along with Judd’s, put the score at 10-8 Bosco at the end of the second round. This set the stage for the Ramapo sabreists to tie the meet at 10-10 in the third round. After that, Ramapo unfortunately produced only three of the additional four victories required for the win. 

The Ramapo sabre squad also produced a 6-3 record with junior Alex Gorloff going undefeated with a 3-0 record. Two of Alex’s wins were with 5-1 scores and the third bout should have been the same except for some curious calls by the referee, which made Alex have to settle for a 5-3 victory in one of his bouts. Sophomore Adam Carcione produced two victories with strong 5-2 and 5-1 scores. Junior and Squad Captain Chris Muller dominated his opponent and scored a 5-1.

Ramapo foilists struggled to a 1-8 record with senior and Squad Captain Tanner Frank producing a victory in a hard fought 5-4 bout. We continue to work with the foilists to hone their skills to compete in a highly competitive environment.

Ramapo’s next meet is against West Milford, away, next Tuesday, January 8.

Ramapo’s prior meets against: Nyack 28-1 (14-1), Fair Lawn 23-4 (14-2), Passaic Valley 16-11 (14-7), Bernards 15-12 (14-12), Columbia 11-16 (8-14).

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