Snow Days Cut Franklin Lakes Schools' Spring Break

So far, it will be three days shorter.

Kids and teachers in the Franklin Lakes school district will have three fewer days of spring break than originally planned, according to an email alert district Superintendent Frank Romano sent to parents and staff members over the weekend.

The shortened break is thanks to six snow day closures so far this year. The school calendar allowed for three, so the additional three need to be made up in order to meet the state-mandated 180-day minimum school year, Romano said in the email blast.

"The Board [of Education] has elected to take from the April break, starting with Friday, April 11 and working backward as needed," it said. 

"Accordingly, Wednesday, April 9; Thursday, April 10; and Friday, April 11 are now regular school days for all administrators, faculty, staff, and students.  Please schedule your April plans accordingly."

The calendar changes are in line with the emergency day contingency plan the board approved when the 2013-14 school calendar was originally adopted last year. 
Concerned February 17, 2014 at 06:19 PM
No time for family time. Cancel your vacations.


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