Letter to the Editor: Wyckoff School Board Member Endorses Della Pietra, Carolan for BOE

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Dear Editor:

It is a sincere pleasure to write a few words about incumbent candidate Chris Della Pietra and John Carolan, who are running for seats on the Wyckoff Board of Education. As a fellow board member, I have worked closely with Chris on the Finance Committee for more than a year now. I am most impressed with his ability to identify a problem, consider [an] alternative approach for addressing it, and then make the right decision for the benefit of the school system.  He puts the required time into being prepared for meetings and attending them. His role as a board member is clearly a priority in his life. Chris deserves the opportunity to continue to serve the Wyckoff educational community. He is an asset that we do not want to lose.

John’s extensive experience as a business executive will enable him to transfer his skills to the educational setting. Board members are frequently presented with multiple, complex situations, and the ability to understand all aspects of a situation is necessary. John relates well to others, and he has an affable manner that makes people who are around him comfortable.  I am confident John would be an immediate and significant contributor who has the ability to balance the community’s educational needs with the financial restraints that all boards must operate within.  John would be a valuable asset to the Wyckoff Board of Education, and I would welcome the opportunity to work alongside him closely.

Jill Mortimer

The author of this letter is a member of the Wyckoff Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools in Moonachie. The opinions expressed in this letter are reflective of her role as a private citizen, not as a board member or Superintendent of Schools.

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