High Schools May Offer Mini Majors

Under the new proposal, Ramapo Indian Hills students would be able to choose one of seven 'pathway' subjects to concentrate on during high school.

Ramapo Indian Hills. Patch Stock Photo.
Ramapo Indian Hills. Patch Stock Photo.

In addition to his recommendation not to move to block scheduling, Ramapo Indian Hills Interim Superintendent Ernie Palestis suggested at a meeting Monday night that the district’s high school’s might start a “pathway” program that would have students choosing concentrations to study.

According to Palestis’s presentation, the schools would offer seven possible pathways:

  • Art
  • Applied Consumer Science
  • Business
  • Communications (Ramapo only)
  • Information Technology and Cyber Security (Indian Hills only)
  • Music
  • Theater

If implemented, district officials said students would choose a pathway to focus on after their freshman year of study. To attain a pathway certification, students would need to complete four classes in the subject area. Participating in a pathway would be optional, but officials said it might make RIH students more appealing to college admissions boards.

“Our students are now competing to get into college globally,” Curriculum Director Beverly Mackay said.

“Anything we can do to…put our students a step ahead is something we want to do.”

Along with the pathway proposal, Palestis also suggested upping the RIH graduation requirements from 120 credits to 140, with the additional credits presumably being made up by the four pathway classes.

Details of the program are still being worked out, officials said, and local students and parents can expect presentations on the proposals in January. 


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