Wyckoff Plans Revaluation Session for Residents

The township is in the midst of a county-mandated reassessment of property values, and it is hosting an information session and update next week.

Credit: Zillow.
Credit: Zillow.

Wyckoff is in the middle of a county-mandated revaluation, and next week it is planning an information session to help residents through the process.

The revaluation started in October, and according to township officials, it is meant to determine the current market value of all properties in town. The last revaluation in Wyckoff happened in 2006.

The re-val, township officials said, is a six-step process that begins with field inspectors visiting township homes and inspecting the interiors and exteriors. Appraisers will then appraise each property, and provide a figure and an explanation to property owners. The township tax assessor and the Bergen County Board of Taxation must approve the new valuations before they take effect.

The revaluation figures will serve as the basis for tax billing in 2015.

Next Wednesday, Wyckoff is hosting an information session geared toward helping residents navigate the ongoing revaluation process.

The township released the following information this week about the upcoming event:

The public is invited to a public information session regarding the State mandated revaluation program. The revaluation public information session is provided on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 AT 10 a.m. in the Shotmeyer Room located in the Wyckoff Library, 200 Woodland Avenue. (This session will also be presented on a Saturday and on a weeknight evening which will be announced at a later date).

Also, attached above is a PDF of the town’s Revaluation newsletter.


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