Wyckoff Parks and Rec Foundation Raises $34K and Counting

Money used to fund Pulis Field project.

The following was submitted to Patch by the Wyckoff Parks & Rec Foundation.

The Wyckoff Parks & Recreation Foundation (WPRF) is in the midst of its first ever Calendar Raffle fundraising event. A total of $10,000 in cash prizes will be awarded with the net proceeds going toward funding of the Pulis Field Sports Complex project.    

The raffle runs from April 12 through June 15 for a total of ten weeks.  Each Saturday and Sunday, weekly winners will be announced and posted on the WPRF website at www.wyckoffparks.org.  There are a total of twenty $500 winners and all tickets purchased are good for all twenty drawings, which means it’s possible to win multiple times.  

The very first winners in this year’s raffle were Laura Anderson and Rebecca Carione, whose children play in both the Wyckoff Boys and Girls lacrosse programs and Torpedoes Soccer Club.  

The event is a collaboration between the WPRF, Wyckoff Boys & Girls Lacrosse programs and the Torpedoes Soccer Club, who all helped sell tickets.  Coaches, team moms & dads, mangers and players all rallied behind this effort, helping the 2014 Calendar Raffle to exceed expectations by raising over $34,000 for the Pulis Field project and moving one step closer to a state of the art sports complex in Wyckoff

With all but the drawings complete, the WPRF will now focus on its next fund raiser on May 13, which is a Golf Outing sponsored by Blue Moon Mexican Café.   For more information on this upcoming event, please visit the WPRF website at www.wyckoffparks.org.   
LJE May 06, 2014 at 09:49 PM
We need a cultural center, not more sports!!!
Tina B June 04, 2014 at 12:29 AM
Why so many "fields" in this area? Can't we have something everyone can enjoy for a change instead of just pre-teen boys? Not everyone is interested in sports. How about a park with some decent walking trails? Not everybody can play sports but everyone can walk


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