Township Looking For Russell Farms Planning Volunteers

The Russell Farms Citizens Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the Township Committee regarding the future use and improvement of the 5-acre parcel of land acquired earlier this year.

The Wyckoff Township Committee is looking for five members of the community to serve on a board of 11 people who will ultimately help determine the fate of the 5 acre parcel of land known as Russell Farms.

The Russell Farms Citizens Advisory Committee will be comprised of nine members along with two township committee members.

Anyone wishing to apply for the available positions should fill out an application form and return it to Township Clerk Joyce Santimauro. (A PDF is also attached to this story.)

Township Committee members will review applications submitted to the township and may interview candidates.

DPW Chief Scott Fisher, an existing member of the Environmental Commission, a member of the Wyckoff Senior Citizens Club, and a member of the Wyckoff Garden Club will serve as members of the group by order of the resolution dated Sept. 24.

The advisory committee will be active for no longer than 12 months unless that time period is extended by the Wyckoff Township Committee by resolution, according to the resolution.

The 5 at-large positions, along with the others, are tasked with making "recommendation to the Township Committee regarding the future use and improvement of the ... Russell Farms property," reads the text of the resolution.

The Township acquired the 5 acre property in April and joins another 5 acre parcel known as the Larkin House Park, donated by Helen Larkin, the 13 acre wildlife sanctuary known as the Gardens of Wyckoff donated by Warner W. “Bud” Brackett and the 18 acre Wyckoff Community Park donated by the Wyckoff Board of Education for active recreation.

With the addition of the Russell Farms property, the township’s inventory of open space increases to 288.95 acres from 283.95 acres or 6.74 percent of the township’s total land area.

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Adele Peterson October 12, 2012 at 03:19 PM
With all that acreage please allow some space for a dog park where local dog owners can meet and socializae with their dogs off leash. You might even require a small membership fee that would provide revenue for park maintenance. Please!!
Marni Levy-Scanlon October 16, 2012 at 03:05 PM
I would love to see a walking path!
Lily Ebanson October 21, 2012 at 01:37 AM
YES!! I agree with Marni! A walking path would be wonderful on this side of town where there's no recreational parks other than athletic fields. I myself would be happy to clean up trash and weeds from a potential new walking trail. Sorry, but in my opinion a dog park would be a huge waste of space, money, and time. Probably less than half the residents in town own dogs, and this being a suburban town most people have adequate space for their dogs to play & exercise in their own yards . If people want to socialize with other dog owners, may I suggest they try creating some sort of club specifically for that. Dogs off leash will only create injuries for children and adults alike. (this I say after being attacked by a 'friendly' off leash dog at Ramapo Reservation that put me in the ER for 4 hours)
Matthew January 02, 2013 at 05:46 PM
I would love to see a small portion be used as a community garden. A section possibly with planted fruit trees and the rest for seasonal fruits and vegetables. Might require a small membership fee to purchase of tool seeds and other items. But to keep it environmental it should be.run without the use of fertilizers and should be kept organic.


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