What's Gone Wrong With Town Plowing

William Naughton explains why icy conditions, loss of contractors are hampering efforts.

Huntington Patch asked the Huntington Highway Department about how things were going with the town's snow removal efforts and in particular, the noticeable absence of plows.

Here is the response from superintendent William Naughton.

"We have just experienced the worst possible scenario with regard to a winter storm. On Friday it started off raining and quickly changed over to a record 29 inch snowfall. Because of the rain all roads ended up with a thick layer of ice under the snow.

Our primary method of snow removal has always been using local contractors in small 6 wheel dump trucks or pickup trucks. These trucks have had a very hard time plowing the snow because it is heavy and there is a layer of ice under it. The trucks lose traction and are getting stuck. Because of their frustration with getting stuck and damage to equipment many of them have left service.

Due to the ice our own equipment has become stuck and some of it has been damaged. Yesterday (Saturday) we reached out to Supervisor Petrone and State and County Emergency Management officials to request heavy equipment like payloaders, 10 wheel dump trucks, backhoes etc. Some of these requests are starting to be filled. We would like to thank these agencies for helping us out in this trying time.

We are operating today with 100 less contractor pieces of equipment than we had yesterday but please be assured that we will not stop until every road is open to traffic.

We appreciate your patience!"

Note: Michael Naughton e-mailed this for his father.

David Orelli February 14, 2013 at 01:14 AM
Typo. Democratic
Goin' Commando February 14, 2013 at 02:43 AM
She is very much NOT a one-issue politician ("gal"??? What century do you think this is?). While I don't agree with everything that Berland says and does, she is the only Democrat on that Board in the past twenty years who has bucked the political bosses like Mary Collins, Huntington Democrat boss, and her toadies Cuthbertson (the Board's worst party hack) and Petrone (Frank's almost as bad but slightly less offensive than argumentative Mark). When Glenda Jackson was on the Board it was a real joke, and you just kept watching for the puppet strings. But Berland has an independent streak in her, and I respect that, even though I am a Republican. Frankly, she will deserve reelection to that Board more than any of the other four, Republican, or Democrat, or "Independent". She is hard working and thinks through issues, and is prepared to fight for the right thing, even when it is not that popular to do so.
Jim February 15, 2013 at 09:26 PM
Thanks David - I'm just happy that for once in a really LONG time, Huntington residents will have a choice not named Naughton!
Jim February 15, 2013 at 09:30 PM
More roads here doesn't mean that the town shouldn't prepare accordingly. Take what they do up there and apply it to a bigger scale. Naughton always touts the fact that his department has a $10mm+ budget surplus. How about spending some of it on additional equipment and more supplies to better prepare? All those contractors that gave up - they should NEVER be able to work for the town again. Get in new people who will care about the job they do and want to make the money - so they'll go above and beyond to do what's needed.
Robert February 15, 2013 at 09:42 PM
ok,so apparently, contractors walked off the job... in the interest of accountability, who were they?


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