Township's Budget Growth Proposed at Less than 1 Percent

Finance Chair: "We're looking to save every dime and every penny we can."

The Township Committee unveiled a budget Tuesday night that would raise municipal taxes on the average Wyckoff home by only $37.34.

The total proposed 2012 municipal budget is $17,244,090, a total growth of 0.97 percent over the 2011 budget appropriations.

"Some of the highlights that you see in the increase of $165,000 are due to the , which we all know was very taxing to the community," said Committeeman Kevin Rooney, who chairs the township finance committee. 

The township had passed an emergency resolution for $122,920 to fund the cleanup of the unexpected October storm. Those emergency funds are appropriated in the 2012 budget.

Rooney added that the township had higher utility costs of $11,000 and an insurance premium increase of $81,432.

"In looking at the budget we really wanted to be creative... in really trying to bring down the number as close to where we felt the town could operate efficiently and still deliver the services the residents require," Rooney said.

By way of an example, he highlighted the impending purchase of a used truck for the Shade Tree Commission.

"This truck will allow us to do 80 percent, if not more, of the current and future tree budgets," Rooney said. "We're looking to save every dime and every penny we can."

If the budget passes the owner of an average home — assessed here at $811,800 — would pay $1,725.89 annually in the municipal portion of their taxes, an increase of $37.34 per year over the 2011 municipal property tax of $1,688.55 for the same property, the committee reported.

Wyckoff's Chief Financial Officer Diana McLeod said that municipal taxes represent only 14 percent of the township taxpayer's obligation. Considerations beyond the municipal portion include: Bergen County government, the township's K-8 school district and the Ramapo Indian Hills School District. 

The township committee has scheduled a public hearing on the budget for Tuesday, April 17, at 8 p.m. in

delgado March 15, 2012 at 01:22 AM
Another Republican who raised taxes.


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