Township, Borough Residents Reminded to Clear Snow or Face Fines

Residents of Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes are required to clear off their cars before driving and sidewalks in front of their homes.

As residents are cleaning out after a storm, officials in Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes are reminding residents that not clearing snow might land them fines.

The township warned that anyone who drives during or after the storm needs to clear their cars of snow, or could face potential fines. “Snow and ice left on a vehicle; in particular on the hood, windows and roof, can become a deadly projectile, creating a hazard for everyone on the road,” Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox said. Fines can range from $25-75, or, if falling snow results in damage, $200-1,000.

Franklin Lakes officials released a similar warning against drivers leaving snow and ice on their cars. Failure to clear it, they said, would result in fines.

Wyckoff residents with sidewalks in front of their homes also need to clear the sidewalks of snow within 12 hours of daylight after snow stops falling, township officials reminded residents via a release Thursday.

“Besides presenting a hazard to the pedestrians, it opens up the homeowner to personal liability for the failure to comply with the ordinance,” officials said of the snow-clearing rule.

“Wyckoff police officers will issue summonses to anyone who does not clear their sidewalk of snow in a timely manner.”

Both Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes officials also reminded residents to clear areas around fire hydrants near their homes of snow and ice.

Snow removed from driveways cannot, by borough ordinance, be dumped in the street, or on neighbors’ properties. Officials in Franklin Lakes released a statement Thursday night asking residents to keep cleared snow on their own property.


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