On News Show, Booker Talks Political Future, Food Stamp Challenge

Mayor says he owes it to Dems to decide on higher office within next few weeks

Speaking on the CBS News program Face the Nation Sunday, Mayor Cory Booker, who announced several months ago he was considering a run for US Senate or against Gov. Chris Christie, repeated a pledge to make an anouncement within the the next two weeks.

Booker, among the state's most prominent Democrats, said he would make a decision in order to help the party plan for the upcoming races.

“I’ve got to give my party and be a part of my party’s push forward, whether it is with me as a candidate or with supporting other candidates for that office,” Booker said.

Christie, a Republican who has a cordial relationship with Booker, has already announced he would run for a second term as governor next year. Fellow Democrat Frank Lautenberg, who at 88 is the oldest member of the US Senate, completes his current term in 2014. Lautenberg has not announced any plans to retire.

Booker also spoke about his participation in the SNAP Challenge, a pledge to live off a food budget  of about $4 a day, equivalent to that given to beneficiaries in the federal nutrition assistance program.

Booker's weeklong challenge ends Tuesday.

Booker Friday also appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, where he flatly ruled out an imminent run for president.

Scondo December 10, 2012 at 05:32 PM
The food stamp challenge was a cheap stunt. But it was another in the long line of stunts and public relations actions to pawn Booker off on the public. CNN and MSNBC have been falling all over themselves to pump him up.


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