New Franklin Lakes Law: Clear Snow from Hydrants

Mayor and council pass ordinance in time for a forecasted snowstorm this week.

Franklin Lakes residents living near fire hydrants are now required to clean them off after a snowstorm, the borough announced this week.

According to an eblast, the mayor and council recently passed an ordinance that "requires property owners to clear snow and/or ice within five feet of fire hydrants. The removal of snow and/or ice shall be completed within 12 hours of daylight after the snow has formed or fallen on or around any hydrant." 

The ordinance is an amendment to the borough's code on "property maintenance."

In general, property maintenance violations carry a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine, imprisonment for 90 days, or 300 hours community service. 

The borough also issued the following reminder to residents about hydrant stakes:

Fire hydrants in town have been identified with a hydrant stake. The hydrant stakes serve to mark the hydrant for first responders in the event of a true emergency and the hydrant is needed. We are asking all residents to please keep the hydrant stakes attached to the hydrant and to not remove them. 

If the hydrant in front of your home or business does not have a flag stake on top that extends above the hydrant, please contact the Fire Department at (201) 891-5736. 


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