Mayor Again, Boonstra Seeks to Improve Quality of Life in Wyckoff

"I love this town... I'm humbled that you have chosen me as your chairman and as such, your mayor for 2013."

Wyckoff welcomed a familiar face to lead its governing body at the township's annual reorganization meeting on Tuesday.

The annual New Year's Day event is the public's first face-to-face look at the new make up of the committee, as well as the governing body's opportunity to appoint board members and select a new mayor and deputy mayor.

Rudy Boonstra was selected as the township's leader, and Doug Christie was selected as deputy mayor.

"It is my distinct honor to have Mr. Boonstra serve as the mayor for 2013," said Committeeman Kevin Rooney, before Boonstra was given unanimous approval by the committee.

"I love this town," Boonstra said following his selection. "I'm humbled that you have chosen me as your chairman and as such, your mayor for 2013." 

"We're fortunate to live in a community regarded throughout the state as one of the most desirable places to live. Our reputation has been acquired over many years through the hard work and dedication of many of our residents," Boonstra said.  

Boonstra, a lifelong resident of Wyckoff, has served on the Township Committee since 2008 and was chosen as deputy mayor in 2009 and mayor in 2010.

"Local government requires tough decisions from its elected officials — 2013 will be no different," Boonstra said. "Residents know that our decisions demand a commitment of time residents trust that their elected leaders will have a vision for maintaining the special quality that Wyckoff provides."

Boonstra said he would work tirelessly for the community with continued enthusiasm and dedication, and do all he could "to protect and improve the quality of life" in Wyckoff. 

Boonstra has been a volunteer firefighter, school board trustee, zoning board chairman, and has worked in the dairy industry for 45 years.

Committeeman Doug Christie was chosen to be deputy mayor, a position which, historically but not by law, leads to the mayor's seat the following year. The position also permits Christie to act in place of Boonstra in his absence.

Wyckoff's previous mayor, Chris DePhillips, served his final year on the committee in 2012 and gave his farewell address before the reorganization meeting.

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JR January 04, 2013 at 02:58 PM
Being educated and ignorant are not mutually exclusive. Your repeated willingness to ignore facts and the laws of the state of New Jersey render your positions inane. Oh, and newsflash! The voters of Wyckoff voted for everyone on the Committee, that's how they got there. Should they all get to be mayor at the same time because people voted for them? It really is very simple; if and when Democrats obtain a majority of the Committee, they can nominate the mayor. Very straightforward and simple, and something I would support as I always have.
Wyckoff Resident January 04, 2013 at 09:13 PM
I can see the arguement for a no party system but ultimately you would probably find people that no longer are called Republicans and are called the United Wyckoff (but are still people that WOULD have been Republicans) running against the We love Wyckoff group (people that would have been Democrats previously.) I believe that the town runs well as it is. Sure nothing is perfect but overall I am very happy here. Many things that people are unhappy about are things that local politicians have little control over. Also, I wonder how state and federal politicians treat towns that don't have party affiliation....are they as generous with grants? I don't know....I am just wondering. (In other words would an area with a Repub mayor and committee be more likely to get preference in an area where there is a Repub assemblman, congressman, Governor etc)
Wyckoff Resident January 04, 2013 at 09:27 PM
Hi Ed, First off thank you for your service during that difficult time! I served in the USMC during a much less tumultuous time and was always bothered by the lack of respect and thankfulness shown to you guys so, again THANK YOU! I TOTALLY AGREE that EVERYONE should have input and I don't think that Mr Scanlon's input is not weighed seriously. The idea of being open to other ideas is more important than ever. There has to be outside of the box thinking! Consolidation of services should be considered etc....I am not sure about the garbage/recycling changes but I am glad that they are not just staying status quo and trying to find solutions to cut costs. So, I agree, respect everyone's input for the greater good of the township but that doesn't mean elevating someone to a position. To use your analogy...your Major listened to everyone's idea but he didn't say "hey you know what Mr PFC, I am going to make you the commander over me" instead he maintained his command and thanked the PFC and others for their input. Mr Scanlon does not need to be Mayor, he can continue to offer positive input though. Once he has had enough supporters elected to the TC he can be Mayor....either that or win over the other committee members respect through time.
NLTITAN January 04, 2013 at 11:43 PM
JR - are you for real?????? What the heck are you taking about the "laws of New Jersey". Oh by the way - THEY ALL HAVE BEEN MAYOR EXCEPT FOR SCALON! Please don't tell me I am ignorent - I would love to meet you in person and discuss our feelings. I told the editor of the Patch I'm done explaining myself to people - they take it out of contents - I'm sick of it. I merely state my opinion and it becomes WWII!! Bye JR - how old are you? Yes, it is pertinent!
John A. Unglert January 05, 2013 at 02:51 PM
Wow, this one has really become a tinderbox. Hi Linda C & Ed ! Well, at the risk of getting my head chopped off - Mr. Boonstra and I grew up together. With that said and with the knowledge I am pleased that Rudy is once again Mayor. He has a historical view of Wyckoff that I believe is important to Town governance. He has been instrumental in "buying up" as much vacant property as possible, for the benefit of of the Town. Mr. Boonstra has been working very hard on obtaining the Maple Lake property. Suffice to say Mr. Boonstra has the Town and residents in mind. He has served us all well and will continue to do so. And, farnkly, I like all the men on the TC. Mr. Scanlan has done some good work and has brought the FAR ordinance to fruition. At the same time the balance of the TC has supported Mr. Scanlan's efforts here and elsewhere. I might suggest that if you, as a resident, has a problem or a concern there are two TC meetings each month. Why not attend them ? You can witness the way things really do get done. It is your right to attend and frankly an obligation. You can speak your mind there and you will ne met with courtesy and civility. It is your moment of speech for what you like and dislike. And finally, please to remember, Republicans are for small goverment and financial responsibility. Have they not live up to that ?


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