Letter to the Editor: Rooney, Jepsen Represent Positive and Responsible Leadership

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To the Editor:

Kevin Rooney and Haakon Jepsen are the 2 Republican candidates for Wyckoff Township Committee who bring a positive and constructive approach with independent thinking!

Since being elected in 2009, we have witnessed Kevin’s tireless efforts and care of all neighbors in Wyckoff, especially during the storms in 2010 and last year in the aftermath of Irene and the Halloween snow. Kevin pitched in and worked through the night and weekend with our DPW and emergency responders. Last fall, he coordinated the removal of all the downed tree limb throughout town. As finance chair, he is focused on doing more with less and championed an austere budget with less than a 1% increase ($33 to the average homeowner). His leadership is unmatched, always putting the residents of Wyckoff first.

Haakon also rolls up his sleeves and is committed to conservative and strong family values. Raising a young family, he knows and understands the need for fiscal restraint and the challenges with our precious tax dollars. Haakon too recognizes the community spirit of volunteerism in town and is committed to keeping Wyckoff such a desirable place to raise a family. Those that know him value and respect his listening skills and the fresh and creative approach that he will bring to the Township Committee.

Keeping taxes low, smart growth, safety and security, transparency, the benefits of the private/public partnership of the Wyckoff Parks and Recreation Foundation, are just a few of the reasons we support Rooney and Jepsen. With open and inquisitive minds to think things through, both share the necessary skill sets to represent all Wyckoff residents.

Re-elect Kevin Rooney and elect Haakon Jepsen Nov. 6. They represent positive and responsible leadership, with the traditions and values that make Wyckoff a better place for all!

Tom and Mary Madigan 

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