Letter to the Editor: Rooney Instrumental in Keeping Tax Flat

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Dear Mr. Editor:

Please accept this letter of support for the team of Kevin Rooney and Haakon Jepsen for Wyckoff Township Committee.

I have come to know Kevin over the past 18 months; during that time I have found him to be one of the most honorable men and hardest working Committeemen I have known. He has spent countless hours, on behalf of all Wyckoff residents. Kevin spent countless days working for Wyckoff during the Oct. 31, 2011, storm, helping each department, as Mayor, as well as keeping our residents updated. As Finance Chairman, Kevin has been instrumental in keeping the Wyckoff tax rate flat.  Always his thoughts are what is right for Wyckoff, and how can we afford it without burdening our taxpayers. Kevin looks at each issue, carefully, and always comes up with a solution that is a logical and proper. Kevin is a man who wants to turn a “no” into a “how can we help you make this work so we can say YES”. 

Kevin Rooney is a man Wyckoff MUST keep in office. He brings to Wyckoff a dedication that runs deep and is willing to work countless hours on behalf of Wyckoff residents to keep Wyckoff a pleasant place to live and raise children. After all, a man who when the Committee was discussing dog walking on Township parks, says, “Why not add Municipal Field to the list?” A man who considers even our canines is one I want in office! Kevin considers the quality of life in Wyckoff and always works to make it better within the boundaries of good financial sense.

I could find no better man to support for re-election to the Wyckoff Township Committee than Mr. Kevin Rooney. Please Vote Rooney–Jepsen on Nov 6th.

Thank you, 
John A. Unglert

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Louisa Rock October 26, 2012 at 03:27 PM
I would not consider Kevin Rooney honorable given his ties with the former attorney of the Wyckoff Zoning Board Harold P. Cook, III. And the fact that he lies about his business relationship with the less than honorable Judge Cook. When Cook was charged with judicial misconduct on May 19, 2011, Eric Hinton of Wyckoff Patch quoted then Wyckoff Mayor Rooney as saying, "I know him (Cook) very well, I’m surprised at the charges. I don’t know if they have any merit or not. I’m not personally involved with his business so I don’t know what he does in his own business life. I know what he does for our board. " Rooney was in fact business partners with Cook. In May 2011 Mr. Cook represented Wyckoff Mayor Kevin Rooney's firm Puddingstone Goffle Holdings in the controversial application in Hawthorne to open a 24-hour 7-11 at the site of a former Shotmeyer gas station. Read the article in The Hawthorne Press (May 19, 2011), "Theatre of the Absurd at Zoning Board meeting". Another article in The Hawthorne Press (June 2, 2011) links Judge Harold P. Cook, III with Mayor Rooney's company, Puddingstone Goffle Holdings. The articles are enlightening and shed some light on the real Kevin Rooney.
Joseph M. Gerace October 27, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Thanks for the comment, Louisa. I'm going to take a look at some of the articles you suggested this coming week. I also just spoke with Kevin Rooney, who had this to say: "Mr. Cook is not a partner of ours nor has he ever been. He represents his client in an application and lease. We own the property his client wishes to lease and if he fails to secure his approvals his client moves [and] on we still own our property." If you have any more info on this matter please email me at joseph.gerace@patch.com — Thanks for reading!
Louisa Rock October 27, 2012 at 05:54 PM
Hi Joe, Here's a link to an article linking Cook and Rooney as business partners: http://www.gardenstatejournal.com/content/unconstitutional-denial-of-7-eleven-application-in-hawthorne-results-in-appeal--1448.html and here is a link to the formal complaint against Cook filed by Candace Moody of the State Committee on Judicial Conduct: http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/pressrel/ACJC%20Cook%20Formal%20Complaint.pdf


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