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Township Honors Fallen Soldiers With Street Signs

Gold stars are placed on the street signs to honor individuals who died while serving our country in a time of war.

The following public service announcement was submitted by the :

Memorial Day is the day each year when citizens in the United States pay tribute to their dead war heroes. We honor the men and women who served the United States of America during the time of war and who died fighting for the freedom that all citizens of our country enjoy every day, every year.

The Township of Wyckoff has named streets after residents who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and died fighting for the freedoms we enjoy. Those street name signs are accompanied by a gold star. Gold stars are placed on these street signs to honor those individuals who died while serving our country in time of war. At Memorial Day ceremonies, mothers whose son or daughter died fighting in time of war are recognized as Gold Star Mothers.

In preparation for this year’s Memorial Day remembrance, the Township of Wyckoff has installed markers on the street name signs honoring servicemen from Wyckoff who died in war with their full name and the name of the war in which they died for our freedoms. These attractive red, white and blue signs with a symbol of the steadfast American flag are intended to provide residents and motorists with an awareness of those who died in time of war from Wyckoff for the freedoms we enjoy everyday.

Attached is an Honor Roll of those residents who died in time of war. Their names are forever remembered, inscribed on the Township’s cenotaph located in the green of the Wyckoff Reformed Church at 625 Wyckoff Avenue.

The Township of Wyckoff thanks our heroes and their sacrifices will be forever remembered.

Honor Roll of residents who made the supreme sacrifice serving the United States of America during a time of war.


  • Zachary Masker — Zachary Court


  • Edgar O. Anthony — Anthony Place
  • Alfred W. Bohny — Bohny Drive
  • Sidney Booth — Booth Court
  • Owin F. Crankshaw — Crankshaw Place
  • Edward T. Cully — Cully Lane
  • Frank Hopper, Jr. — Hopper Avenue
  • William J. Kelly — Kelly Court
  • Arnold A. Krysch — Krysch Lane
  • Robert Logan — Logan Lane
  • Glen Loucks — Glen Drive
  • William A. Mills — Mills Place
  • William Schlenz — Schlenz Court
  • Edward R. Snyder — Snyder Road
  • William R. Ullman — Ullman Avenue
  • William Van Blarcom, Jr. — Van Blarcom Lane
  • Roland Van Syckel — Van Syckel Lane
  • Theodore K. Weisch — Weisch Lane
  • Edward Woodbury — Woodbury Drive
  • John M. Paine — Paine Road


  • Edward Patton, Jr. — Patton Place


  • James L. Giegel — Giegel Court
  • John A. Griner — Griner Court
  • Robert H. Vennik — Vennik Place
  • Joseph C. Wiltsie — Wiltsie Court

The Township of Wyckoff War Memorial listing this Honor Roll of servicemen is placed on a cenotaph at the green of the Wyckoff Reformed Church located at 625 Wyckoff Avenue.

For purposes of emergency police, fire and ambulance response to avoid confusion with similar sounding names of existing streets, the Wyckoff Police Chief and the Wyckoff Board of Fire Officers review and approve all proposed names for new streets.

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