Car-Top Boats Now Allowed at Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve

Boating begins April 1.

Area residents can now boat at the Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve. Starting April 1, car-top boats will be allowed on the water, the borough announced on its website Friday.

The borough released the following information about what types of boating will, and will not be, allowed:

As of April 1, 2014, small non-motorized "car-top" boats, canoes and kayaks will be permitted at the Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve. 

On March 18, the Mayor and Council enacted an ordinance which permits these boats on the upper basin at the Nature Preserve, subject to certain regulations, including prohibiting boats transported by trailers, paddleboards, and surfboards, and requiring passengers to wear personal flotation devices. 

This ordinance was enacted following the Borough's town-wide survey which overwhelmingly supported allowing boating at the Nature Preserve

Mayor Frank Bivona commented, "Why just limit the Nature Preserve experience to land access? It makes sense to allow canoes, kayaks and small boats to be able to paddle around the beautiful upper basin in order to fully appreciate the scenic natural beauty of our Nature Preserve." 
John Peterson March 24, 2014 at 10:45 AM
Why not paddleboards?


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