Wyckoff Police Investigating Highview Drive Burglary

A burglar broke into a Highview Drive home Monday, police said.

A burglar broke into a Highview Drive home and made off with undisclosed items Monday, according to Wyckoff Police Lt. David Murphy.

Police were still at the home investigating the scene Monday afternoon. Information about what was stolen was not immediately available.

The burglar had apparently broken in through a back door.

Bergen County Sheriff's officers also responded to the scene and assisted in a search of nearby homes, but the burglar was not immediately caught, Murphy said.

John Briggs February 12, 2013 at 10:26 PM
Is there any update on the progress of this investigation? It seems like every time we hear about a burglary, we don't get any further information following the investigation from the police. It would be nice to get some information regarding the burglaries in Wyckoff, such as whether the police have determined it is the same burglars, or whether there are any patterns such as the location, tools used, length of burglary, point of entrance, number of individuals involved, etc. While I believe that every resident should be cautious, perhaps we can do more to protect our property and ourselves if we are given more information. Maybe we may even be able to stop these burglaries from occurring if we are given the proper info.


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