Wyckoff Cops Bust Alleged Phony Check Business

Police investigated the NY operation after a man attempted to cash a fraud check in a township bank, police said.

A Middletown, N.Y. man allegedly running a phony check scam was arrested by Wyckoff Police last week after cops say a man tried to cash one of his fake checks at a township bank, Police Chief Benjamin Fox said in a release last week.

According to Fox, police responded to the Chase Bank on Cedar Hill Avenue on June 6 to investigate what tellers believed was a counterfeit check. 

"The investigation determined that a New York-based business that was listed on the check had recently had multiple fraudulent checks cashed in denominations under $1,000, and that the check being used in Wyckoff was also counterfeit," Fox said in the release.

As a result os an investigation into the check, Elijah Underwood, 19, of Middletown, N.Y., was arrested and charged with forgery and attempt to cash a fraudulent check, Fox said. He was remanded to the Bergen County Jail on $5,000 bail, Fox said.

Police said they do not believe the man who attempted to cash the check in Wyckoff worked for the company.

"He is not connected to the business," Fox said. "We spoke with the business and he does not work for them."


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