Burglars Strike Two Wyckoff Homes

Residents should continue to be vigilant — especially during summer months — as burglaries are not likely to cease, police say

A brazen burglar kicked the front door of a Vance Avenue home off its hinges last week before robbing the residence while its owners were out of town, according to Wyckoff Police. 

Cops responded to the home just before 11 a.m on May 20 on a report that the front door had been left open. Once on the scene, officers discovered that the door to the house had been struck so forcibly that it was blasted off its hinges.

Investigating officers Sgt. Michael Ragucci, and patrolmen Thomas Tully, Kevin Kasak and Kyle Ferreira, determined that most rooms of the home had been ransacked during the burglary.

The owners, who were away at the time of the burglary, have yet to provide a list of stolen property, said Chief Benjamin Fox.

Two days later a Wyckoff Avenue resident reported a burglary at his home near near Kingston Street.

The resident told police that the home had been left unlocked.

The homeowner reported to police that an unspecified amount of cash, watches and a video game system were stolen. Detective Sgt. Joseph Soto investigated.

"The summer is upon us [and] homes are more likely to be vacant when people vacation," said Fox. "Residents should be more attentive during this time of year."

Fox acknowledged that despite a     , homeowners shouldn't think that  would simply stop. 

"All these crimes cycle constantly. We had two last week and none the week before," Fox said. "I truly don't know what that means other than we had two too many last week."


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