PSE&G Has No Immediate Timetable for Power Restoration in Wyckoff

Gov. Chris Christie's office released a document Saturday revealing a timetable for power restoration through midnight Monday for some New Jersey towns without power — that schedule does not include Wyckoff.

With nearly 85 percent of Wyckoff without power and temperatures expected to dip into the 30s tonight, PSE&G still has no timeline for restoring service to more than 2,000 customers, according to a work schedule released by the governor's office Saturday.

Gov. Chris Christie released the restoration plans for New Jersey's three primary power companies Saturday in an effort to provide New Jerseyans greater transparency and certainty about the progress of restoration in their towns.

“While progress has been made in restoring power to many businesses, households, and critical infrastructure in the aftermath of Sandy, there are still over 1.25 million customers without power," Christie said in a statement. "So many New Jerseyans have demonstrated significant patience and resilience through the storm and this initial recovery period, and it is our obligation to get them back online and with the certainty of a timeline they can reliably plan their lives around in the coming days.”

The restoration plans, provided by PSE&G, Jersey Central Power and Light and Atlantic City Electric, give a town-by-town breakdown of the number of customers serviced, the number of customers without power and a restoration timetable for the next three days.

Wyckoff has 84.3 percent of its 2,809 PSE&G customers still without power.

To access the power restoration plans for PSE&G, click here. Note that the column for "% Customers in Service" appears to have been transposed and actually shows the percentage of customers without service.

A number of Wyckoff streets — Merrywood Avenue, Hickory Hill Road, Briarwood Drive, and parts of Sicomac Avenue — came online Thursday evening. One Hickory Hill Road resident confirmed that she was a PSE&G customer.

Boulder Run, the Christian Health Care Center and a number of township residences are serviced by Rockland Electric, a subsidiary of Orange & Rockland.

Rockland Electric's restoration timetable was not included in the governor's release.

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Gwen Purcell November 04, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Perhaps it is time for PSE&G to consider spending some of it's profits on implementing a schedule to put power lines under ground. Three storms resulting in massive power outages in less than 2 years seems to me this might be something to consider. By the way could someone tell us all how many PSE&G executives are living without power at this point .
CoolidgeFanboy November 04, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Most of the power outages are not related to down trees or wires but to sub-station and grid issues. PSE&G is not putting a priority on our town because the people in town are more equipped to live through this kind of predicament then a person who is less wealthy. The reason why Glen Rock and Ridgewood are on the priority list and not Wyckoff probably has to do with mass transit service going through those towns.
Susie Q November 04, 2012 at 03:47 PM
With massive devastation in parts of our state, Wyckoff is not a priority. I get it! The lack of power, however, has caused potentially dangerous conditions including the need for refrigeration for medical supplies. There is no ice to be found and the shortage of gas makes it near impossible to venture far in search of ice, ice packs or dry ice. If your neighbors are in the same situation, where do you turn for help? There must be a way to register w/the power companies so that they are aware of other medical needs.
Richard Sorce November 04, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Blessed!!! Are you serious?
Richard Sorce November 04, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Outrageous utility profits! Invest these into modernizing the power delivery system instead of distributing profits to shareholders! Shareholders in a commodity necessary for survival??? What an outrage--like so many other ridiculous practices.


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