Large Police Presence Keeping Order at Wyckoff Gas Stations

There are long lines and last minute restrictions on the purchase of gas in Wyckoff, where power is still out to more than 90 percent of the town

More than a dozen police officers and township officials were out on the streets of Wyckoff helping local residents in their quest to find fuel as gas shortages have struck across the state in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. 

One gas station's well-known proprietor, Committeeman Kevin Rooney, was pumping gas at his Getty Station Thursday afternoon, but had put restrictions on just who could purchase the coveted commodity.

When the station, which was running on generators, initially opened he allowed only first responders — police, fire, ambulance — and township employees to fill up, Rooney said as he pumped gas into Township Administrator Bob Shannon's SUV.

Rooney, who said he owns 5 gas stations around town, said that many refineries had taken on water, and fuel supplies were an unknown quantity to gas sellers around the state.

As of Thursday afternoon he was allowing only Wyckoff residents with proof of residency to fill up gas cans for their generators, not for vehicles, and had put a max at 10 gallons per family. 

"The gas wouldn't last otherwise," he said.

Gas could be purchased with cash or credit.

The Lukoil station on the corner of Franklin and Godwin avenues had a single line from the entrance at Godwin that stretched down the block a quarter of a mile to Jacqueline Drive and the looped back around to Franklin. 

A large police presence there seemed to be keeping the peace, and officers on scene said all was well despite the hours long wait. 

One woman idling near the front of the half-mile queue said she'd been waiting in line for just over an hour and a half.

Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Patch Twitter follower adriregojo  said tensions were high outside the gas station, where lines of cars were blocking access to and from Vander Plaat Funeral Home.

"@Wyckoff_Patch got gas Godwin&Franklin people angry&frustrated. Funeral Home hostile, cars keeping them from $$$$," she wrote Thursday afternoon.

Adriregojo said she paid $4.19 per gallon for 93 octane gas.

Another couple waiting on line there was turned away at a tapped-out fueling station elsewhere in Bergen County, but found this LukOil by accident. The Midland Park residents were returning to their Midland Park home, where they were without power since Hurricane Sandy hit earlier this week.

It was unclear just how much gas both service stations had in reserve, but police on scene said the LukOil station had received a delivery at approximately noon on Thursday.

Police were directing traffic at the intersection of Franklin and Wyckoff avenues, at the entrance and exit of the Getty Station on Franklin, as well as at the railroad crossing on Franklin.

Traffic was backed up for a half-mile on Franklin Avenue back to its intersection with Crescent Avenue. Traffic on Crescent Avenue was backed up there south for about two blocks to approximately Harding Road as many commuters tried to make the left onto Franklin Avenue approaching the LukOil gas station.

Township officials also released the following email blast on Thursday afternoon:

  1. Wyckoff residents with generators may fill up their generator gas cans at the Getty station located at 322 Franklin Avenue.  This service is limited to Wyckoff residents only.  Residents with generators who wish to take advantage of this service will be limited to ten (10) gallons of gas per day, which is dependent upon supply for their gas cans.  Wyckoff residents must produce proof of Wyckoff residency.
  2. PSE&G and Orange and Rockland advise us that they continue to repair their substations damaged in the hurricane.  Once this is completed, we have been advised that crews can then be dispatched into neighborhoods to restore power.  Further details will be provided as soon as we have them.

  3. Bergen County has advised us that it has relocated its overnight shelter to the Bergen County Law and Public Safety complex at 281 Campgaw Road, Mahwah. 

  4. Garbage regularly scheduled to be collected on Friday, 11/2/12 will be collected.
  5. Residents who were scheduled for recycling collection this past Tuesday will have their recycling collected on Friday, 11/2/12.

Stay with Wyckoff Franklin Lakes Patch for more on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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qdogPa November 03, 2012 at 02:28 AM
Maryanne, i respect the men..i have a serious problem with the decision to sell only to Wyckoff residents, i can't imagine another business doing this....
Larry Allen November 03, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Mr. Rooney, Bravo and Thank You!!! For those that have a problem with his actions I suggest you go get in line at the Hess station on Goffle Road. You should bring a good book and a meal because you will be there for somewhere between 2-4 hours if you are lucky. The folks that are helping out at the Getty station are not being paid with our Tax Dollars. I don't think the same can be said for the Officers that have to handle the crowds at the other stations in town. I personally applaud an elected official that is putting his fellow residents needs ahead of the "Almighty Dollar". Larry Allen
Q November 03, 2012 at 06:52 PM
>"I personally applaud an elected official that is putting his fellow residents needs ahead of the "Almighty Dollar".< - Larry Allen Could it be that Mr. Rooney is giving away the gas for free to Wyckoff residents? So nice of him to think only of the needs of others (or rather, just Wyckoff voters). This station, one of many he owns, is the busiest it's ever been. Don't think for a moment he isn't making an "Almighty Dollar" on your necessity for gas AND is probably stumping for votes at the pump all the while loving the global warming (although he might deny there is such a thing) that's creating his windfall.
Joe Waleck November 04, 2012 at 12:58 AM
On Election Day, we vote for the person that we believe will best fight for our collective best interests. If you're going to post something that is negative, inflammatory, or rude be sure to attach your real name. Otherwise you're just a coward.
Ed November 06, 2012 at 11:59 AM
Joe, Using your real name can get you subtly screwed in this town (and many others I might add) if you disagree with the powers that be. There are also built-in layers of protection to prevent someone of proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who actually perpetrated said action. Your political knowledge needs some refinement.


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