Cops: Pair Had Shrooms in Wyckoff Shopping Center Parking Lot

Two men were parked in the Cedar Hill Shopping Center long after the stores had closed on New Year's Eve.

Mahmoud and Gadalla. Credit: Wyckoff Police.
Mahmoud and Gadalla. Credit: Wyckoff Police.

A late night New Year’s Eve patrol of the Cedar Hill Shopping Center led to the arrest of two local men who cops say were carrying psychedelic drugs.

According to Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox, Sgt. Joseph Soto noticed two men sitting inside a parked car in the shopping center’s parking lot at about 2 a.m. on Dec. 31, long after all of the stores had closed.

The smell of pot in the car prompted an investigation that found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a drug scale, and a bag containing psilocybin mushrooms in the car, Fox said.

The two men—Ahmed Gadalla, 20, of Franklin Lakes, and Yaser Mahmoud, 20, of Montclair—were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, possession of narcotics paraphernalia, and possession of a Schedule I controlled dangerous substance, Fox said. The two were released of their own recognizance. 


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