Cadets Pull 'Crazy Driver' Note Prank

Authorities say a group of West Point cadets in Mahwah held up a note in the back of their van asking for help, so another driver called the police

A group of track runners from West Point gave one local driver a scare Sunday afternoon when they held up a note saying they needed help because the driver of their van was “crazy,” Mahwah Police Chief James Batelli confirmed Tuesday. The note was held up as a “prank by cadets from the track team at the West Point Military Academy,” Batelli said. 

The prank worked a little too well. Batelli said a driver following the cadet’s green Chevorlet on Route 287 called police to report the incident. The “received a call from Franklin Lakes PD [telling us about] a car with that sign on the back of it. Our officers stopped the vehicle on Route 287,” Batelli said.

The driver of the van, also a West Point Cadet, did not know about the prank, Batelli said. “The driver was not detained and no further action was taken,” Batelli said.

The police chief called the prank a “very minor incident.”


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