Nearly $15,000 in Cash Reported Stolen from Franklin Lakes Homes

Cops: No sign of forced entry at either home

Nearly $15,000 in cash was stolen from two Franklin Lakes homes recently, according to borough police.

A Crystal Lake Terrace resident Monday reported that approximately $4,750 in cash was taken from her house during Memorial Day Weekend. That same day a Highwoods Drive resident told police that someone had stolen approximately $10,000 in cash from his home sometime between April 14 and May 15.

report that there were no signs of forced entry and no burglar alarms were activated at either home. Both cases are under investigation by detectives.

Police wouldn't specify whether the homes were left unlocked during the period in which the money was stolen nor where the homeowners had stashed the cash prior to the thefts.

FLPD Lieutenant John Bakelaar did confirm however that the money had not been locked in a safe.

"Keeping cash in a locked safe that is hidden in the house is always a good idea," Bakelaar said. "Too often safes are kept in the master bedroom and are easily found and removed."

Police have classified the incidents as thefts rather than burglaries because of a lack of forced entry in both cases.

Franklin Lakes residents have reported 14 burglaries to police so far this year, according to borough records. 

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rena drew June 06, 2012 at 10:20 AM
It makes it a lot easier for the robbers to strike during the day because,if you have noticed, while all the work being done by PSE&G lately, their are at least 2-3 patrol cars and cops directing traffic! Is this what our taxes are paying for? Why can't PSE&G workers do this? Surely it's not that difficult.
Lola Sontos June 11, 2012 at 01:48 AM
the officers that work those traffic details are not on patrol, they are hired specifically for the day by the contractor; and no, PSEG can not use their own men on certain roads as per the MUTCD, google it.


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