Timology - Only In America - Added Sugar Is Everywhere Posted by Tim Flournoy , May 31, 2014 at 07:01 PM

Tim Flournoy, Co-Fitness Director, THE GYM of Montvale
Tim Flournoy, Co-Fitness Director, THE GYM of Montvale

We live in the information era and typically I am not amazed fazed by some of the things I read or hear. Some are just matter of chatter and our things are proved by sound research. But here is a number that always amazes me: 80% of food in America has added sugar. I should be more specific-—80% of processed food. Of course, me being the skeptic that I am, I went into a Whole Foods to take a look. Whole Foods is a great store, and this has nothing do with their brand, but almost every item in the store had added sugars. Even the most label -conscious shoppers can be fooled. The reason is that sugar comes in many different disguises. We over look its actual origin. Look for words like malt, and dex in them and you are probably on the right track. 

Another telltale sign is that they are usually long words that make you think of their pronunciation. And this isn’t made to trick us; it’s made to enhance flavor. When you take fat out of food, you have to replace it with something to make if it flavorful. Sugar is the replacement. Now is there any wonder we have become a nation that suffers with weight problems, diabetes, and heart disease? Instead of reading labels, we need to eat food that isn’t packaged. If there is no package, there is no label and no label means no added sugar.

Never allow a bad moment to become a bad day.

Eat Well, Train Hard

Tim Flournoy
Co-Fitness Director
THE GYM of Montvale 
2 Chestnut Ridge Road
Montvale, NJ 07645 
Phone: 201-802-9399 


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