Securing an Internship: What Websites Can You Turn To?

Now that you've prepared yourself for an internship, you need to actually find some to apply for

If you have been following my Securing an Internship series for the past few weeks, you should realize that you're now ready to start applying for several internships.

But, where do you find highly-coveted internships? Fortunately, there are several career and internship-oriented websites for both young men and women.

If you're interested in looking for a high-profile media internship in a metropolitan area, check out Intern Queen's website--updated daily with new content and offers. You can also follow her on Twitter @InternQueen. Although this website is geared towards females, the job offers are not exclusive to women only.

Another website is specifically targeted to people in our state! Go to JerseyIntern.comto see the latest internship offers in the state. However, be sure to put in your zip code and distance to narrow down the results--evidently there are many offers in South Jersey.If you follow your favorite companies on Twitter, you will find that they post job offers a few times a year. Some larger companies have Twitter handles JUST for careers. Try a simple Google search to see what comes up for "YourDreamCompany+Twitter" to find exclusive opportunities.Look into your college's Office of Career Services to see an active database of college-approved employers.

It's very difficult to find an internship that follows protocol, especially when you have no experience. Students have recounted stories of illegal internships, or working for free and without credit compensation. Companies found on your college's company database will be safe bets if you're still learning to navigate the internship search. Ask Career Services if they can give you a name of a student who was a past employee of the company. Talking with a peer will help you learn more about the company if you're really considering sending in an application.

If worse comes to worse, you can always resort to Craigslist. I typically don't recommend this website since it's fraught with different frauds, but sometimes you may find a diamond in the rough. Finding a job on Craigslist is easier said than done--since many companies give limited details or attempt to draw in applicants with unreasonable promises.Especially be on the lookout for headlines that say "MAKE UP TO $10,000 IN A SUMMER." I knew the telemarketing job was a scam based on the headline, but I wanted to investigate the fine-print details of the job.

After a closer look, I learned that employees are hired in batches. Only a few employees are selected to work at the office building a few days a week, and must work at home during the rest of the week.

The "Up to $10,000" claim is only possible if you work overtime and on weekends. The company also takes a cut of your commission, making $10,000 an arbitrary maximum wage that can only be earned over three months of back-breaking work. After taxes, the amount of money significantly decreases. In essence, it's nearly impossible to earn $10,000 in three months as a college student, working as a telemarketer. More stipulations and legalese, meant to confuse readers, exists; I'm sure those details also affect the "Up to $10,000" payoff.

On a brighter note, we're fortunate to live so close to New York City. You never realize how lucky you are to grow up with Manhattan in your backyard until you go to college and meet friends from outside the tri-state area. Take advantage of your location, and network with your friends' parents.There is a great chance that some of the NYC commuters in our bedroom community have access to powerful industries.

Perhaps your best friend's father is on the board of directors for a finance firm on Wall Street; work your charm and see if any internships are offered within the company. You would be surprised at how willing these adults are to help you get a foot in the door. At one point or another, these influential adults can impact your career.

Sam SImon March 08, 2011 at 04:09 AM
Wow - how did you leave Internships.com off this article? They are everywhere....
Marc Phillips March 08, 2011 at 04:39 PM
Internships.com seems to be good. I only wrote about websites with known successes or failures. Internships.com seems to also be new to the arena. Do you have something to share about them?


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