Weighing Your Options

Is weighing yourself regularly a healthy or unhealthy choice?

When you are contemplating a change in your eating patterns and looking for a healthier lifestyle, it is important to think about the scale. What role does it play in your life? Some people may read that question and think no role, I never weigh myself. Others may shiver at the thought of not participating in the daily ritual of checking their weight. Knowing where you are before you make changes is one key to success.

Let Go of the Idea of Rapid Weight Loss. It may give you a high to get immediate results but often that leads to rebound weight gain. If you choose to work on your relationship with food and make smaller changes over time, daily weights will only keep you on an emotional roller coaster. Our weight is meant to fluctuate up to five percent of our body weight daily.  A cup of water weighs half a pound. If you weigh yourself throughout the day, it will never be the same. Going to the bathroom, retaining water, and digesting food are all factors that keep the scale in motion.

Accept How the Number Affects Your Food Choices. You step on the scale. Take a deep breath. Wait for the beep. It went down! Happiness, relief. Suddenly our self esteem is higher. You can afford to reward yourself or splurge because you lost weight. The next day you step on the scale. Take a deep breath. Wait for the beep. It went up! Failure! You knew you went overboard with the fries! You should not have had dessert! You will be "good" today. And on and on. By choosing food based on the number, the scale can fluctuate even more. Most of my clients don't even know what they would have chosen to eat if they had not stepped on the scale. What do you want to eat? Many people do not even know unless they have something external telling them what to choose. They have lost touch with their own food intuition.

Don't Ignore Your Health. For those of you who avoid the scale and food diaries at all cost, it is time to face the facts. There is NO judgment in your current health status, if you come from an honest place of wanting change you will find a world of support waiting to carry you through until you can be more confident. The only judgment is how harsh you are on yourself. You should not weigh yourself everyday but it is time to step on the scale and look at your food choices as a fact. This is where I am at and I am not happy, what now? What are you afraid of? Just say it out loud. Keeping our fears locked in can keep us in the same patterns, but saying it out loud may be the first step towards a happier life. The one you deserve to lead.

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