Video Game Review: Halo 4

My video game review of the popular Xbox 360 exclusive Halo 4.

Welcome back, Chief.

It’s been 4 years since Halo 3 came out. Since then Call of Duty has taken most of Halo’s popularity and sales. Some people might be wondering how Halo can compete with Call of Duty after so many years of being off the market. The easy answer to that is it does more than just compete. It sets the new standard for every first person shooter to try and get past.

Most of the time the Halo series put the emphasis less on the actual story and more on the actual gameplay. Well in Halo 4 they have found the perfect mix between story telling and gameplay. Halo 4 begins 4 years after the end of Halo 3. The main character is John117 otherwise known as Master Chief. When we last saw Master Chief and his computer woman companion Cortana, Master Chief drove a truck into a ship that was torn apart after blowing up a Halo ring.  Realizing that it would be a long time before they would be rescued, Master Chief froze himself cryogenically after instructing Cortana to wake him when she needs him. During the time lapse between the two games Master Chief drifted into space before eventually encountering the planet Requiem which is the main location of the game.  The story of Halo 4 seems more personal this time focusing on Master Chief and Cortana’s friendship and how they rely on each other.

Halo 4 keeps almost all of the core gameplay in the previous games. You still have all the same weapons; you still have the regenerating shields, and the great gun-play that comes with every halo game. Halo 4 however injects other features from franchises into its multiplayer such as you can now sprint at all times, you can call an ordinance drop, and you can even customize your Spartan soldier. The amazing thing about that is that even with all the added stuff it still feels like Halo.  They even added the explosive set-piece moments from Call of Duty and made them feel unique by letting you control what’s happening. Multiplayer is back and better than ever. Halo 4 has some of the best maps in the series and some redesigned old ones as well. From Slayer, and Flood Mode, and King of the Hill; Multiplayer in Halo 4 is at its very best. The graphics to say the very least are mind-blowing. The brand new enemies, and the Covenant ships all look simply stunning. I also have to mention the great sound effects that just sound amazing.

Halo 4 is the best shooter on Xbox 360 and the best use you will probably ever get out of Xbox Live. Thanks to its amazing single player and multiplayer; Halo 4 is the greatest Halo yet. Any doubt people might have had over handing the Halo series over to a new developer should feel ashamed since 343 Industries has made the greatest First Person Shooter on Xbox 360.

My score: 4 and a half stars

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