DOG FUR and FASHION? YES! But do you know the facts?

DOG FUR and FASHION? YES! But do you know the facts?

Dog Fur and Fashion? Do you know the facts?

Yes DOG FUR being used for fashion! This was a really hard article to research because I had to see so much CRUELTY to write accurate information and while I already know what they are doing to innocent animals, it is NEVER easy to see. Dogs are supposed to be our best friend NOT our winter coat or accessories, such as gloves, hats, shoes, handbags and even blankets and stuffed toys! 

Many of the international fur traders, manufacturers and fashion designers have shifted their business to China, where there is cheap labor and the absence of animal welfare regulations and laws. China has emerged as one of the world’s most powerful economies and they have become the biggest fur exporter in the world! And Man’s Best Friend the DOG has been included in this trade.

Millions of dogs and many other animals are killed in China and South East Asia every year to supply the fur trade, often transported alive for long distances, under horrendous conditions before being viciously slaughtered by these fur farmers and traders that have a complete and utter disregard for the lives of these animals and their feeling or welfare. They are brutal, inhumane and cause an unthinkable amount of suffering to these poor animals.

There are so many people that think they are buying “Faux” fur and in reality it is dog fur from China where it is also a common practice to EAT dogs too!  Many products could be faux but many are dog, one of the ways to know this for sure is to try to separate the fur, most of the time if it is synthetic fur you will see stitching and if it is real, you will see skin/leather at the base of the hairs which is usually white or tan unless they dyed it to match the garment. If it says Made in China or you are in doubt do not buy it! More and more retailers and designers are rejecting animal cruelty and potential consumer deception by adopting fur-free policies all together and there are lists of these designers at Humane Society of the United States.

You can go to humanesociety.org to research and learn more about how you can tell the difference between Faux and Real fur, they have created a Field Guide for the public so that they can tell the difference, but I advise people not to wear it at all, The Fur Trade is a cruel and horrific ending of innocent lives and I will guarantee anyone with a heart who watched just a small portion of a video that educates the public on how they acquire your FUR for Fashion will not wear any kind of fur ever again! Please keep in mind that  “SMALL DEMAND” makes for less slaughtered animals, so YOU can make a difference by deciding not to wear fur.

Check out the dogs in the pictures, they are just two of the many great dogs available at some of the groups I volunteer for!

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Beth Sless Antoci December 11, 2011 at 04:33 PM
Excellent article!


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