Letter to the Editor: Borough Calendar Doesn't Show Best of Franklin Lakes

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To the Editor:

I am in receipt of the Franklin Lakes calendar.  I question how much town money and/or time went in to this project. I know that in the past, former Mayor DeNicola made a thoughtful decision to stop the calendar because it was time consuming and not self-sustaining.  Have these issues been successfully resolved? 

The calendar does not show Franklin Lakes at its best.  The editing of this unnecessary piece repeated  two pictures. There weren’t enough good photographs to actually choose 12 good ones?  What does that say of Franklin Lakes?  The pictures were solicited in a year-long contest.  Greg Hart was one of the judges.  Two pictures are attributed to Greg Hart, our Borough Administrator, and judge. 

Locations were identified on only two pictures.  I would have appreciated more location information in order to visit the beautiful places displayed.  A purpose of the calendar is to show us off, not to have what might be considered generic photos, however lovely. 

My understanding is that the pictures were submitted.

And yes, after Hurricane Sandy, Georgia Power (one of the pictures)  really got us up and running electrically again, but that only makes me think about our regular supplier, Rockland Electric, and whether they are being held to task about their responsiveness.  I know our Mayor, on December 13,  said he’d fire them if he could.* I am definitely reminded that our regular supplier was not capable of serving us well when I look at Georgia Power saving the day after Sandy.  How does that reflect on the community infrastructure?

The calendar should be about reinforcing the positives of Franklin Lakes.  It did not achieve that goal. 

*Franklin Lakes Mayor Frank Bivona also complained about Orange & Rockland's response, as well as the treatment he got from senior officials there when he sought more information. He said he and his residents were fed up after the storm.

"If I had a choice, and did a poll of Franklin Lakes, we'd fire you," he said. "It's not personal, but there's no doubt. I don't know how many people called me, 'Can we get rid of them?'"  12/13/12

Joan Mokray,
Franklin Lakes 

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Al Breen January 03, 2013 at 01:21 PM
On the subject of O & R's performance, "firing" them is a visceral response. Though deserving , it is probably not a choice we have. It should , however be explored. On the other hand, O & R does have a choice as to how to respond to our demands for more reliable service. Honkering down until the outrage subsides over the Sandy debacle is one choice they seem to be making. Keeping the pressure on is the only way for the company to choose a more satisfactory response to the problem of repeated power outages in their areas of responsibility in north Jersey and especially for our community. The same areas lose power time after time while other areas under their control do not, which suggests common choke points that need to be hardened to eliminate their vulnerability. The loss of communication; phone, TV, and internet, for days due to weather in this modern era when so much of our daily lives and even our safety in an emergency depends on that communication is totally unacceptable. If weather can have such an impact, what is the consequence of a terrorist attack on our ability to react or provide safety. We need to demand evidence that O & R too is addressing this problem in a meaningful way. Al Breen, Franklin Lakes PS I am not Tolstoy and you are not Rex Reed
ZsaZsa January 04, 2013 at 04:18 AM
Whew! It's only a calendar, and it was a great idea to get residents involved in it. I love this calendar, and do enjoy the photos. I do agree that they should be identified when published. I do agree that someone who judges a contest should not have a submission at all. Other than that, the calendar will remind me to show up when I want to deal with issues relating to this Borough I have lived in since 1976, and love.


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