Armed Robbery Update, Person of the Year Query Top This Week's Local News

Here are some of this week's must read stories...

Cops: Family 'Fortunate' after Attempted Armed Robbery

"It's extremely fortunate that there was no death or serious bodily injury as the result of this careless act during a violent crime... Anyone in that room at the time could have been a victim," said Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox Monday after a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver was fired through the room of a Wyckoff child following a botched robbery.

Who's the Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Person of the Year?

We asked who you thought was the most important Wyckoff or Franklin Lakes resident in 2012. Your responses were diverse and — at times — unexpected.

Watch for the official poll next week. 

"Local government requires tough decisions from its elected officials — 2013 will be no different," said the newly appointed Mayor Rudy Boonstra. "Residents know that our decisions demand a commitment of time residents trust that their elected leaders will have a vision for maintaining the special quality that Wyckoff provides."

Be sure to scour the comments below the story for an intersting conversation about Wyckoff's local government. 

What Would You Improve in Wyckoff in 2013?

Some suggestions from the comments: 

  • "More trees in front of Boulder Run on Franklin Ave. would be a great improvement."
  • "Traffic needs study and improvement."
  • "Our Township Committee needs to be more conservative and have the fortitude to say no to various intersest groups in town."
  • "Stop people from making a left onto Franklin out of Boulder Run."

Don't forget to add your biggest asks to this Wyckoff wish list.

"At the end of each calendar year, the national, state and local media have a habit of printing their favorite top 10 stories, well I'm going to publish what I believe to be the top 10 achievements of the committee this year," said Wyckoff Mayor Chris DePhillips.

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