5 Things About Saving Money

Looking for ways to cut spending? Here are some innovative ideas for saving.

We are all looking for ways to cut corners these days. Here are five things you can do today to save money: 

1. Find the best price on gas. According to motortrend.com, the Citgo on Franklin Avenue has the best price on regular gas, at $3.819 a gallon as of Sunday.  

2. Eat local produce. Strawberries, spinach and lettuce are in season now. Buying from local farms and farmers markets not only ensure the freshest produce, it also can save you money. 

3. Recycle. The municipality gets reimbursed for our recycling, but pays for garbage to be removed. So instead of tossing a water bottle or catalog in the garbage,  remember to recycle instead. It offsets your property taxes. 

4. Shop local businesses. Instead of shopping online and paying for shipping, shop local businesses. Helping to bolster the local economy can also have a positive impact on your tax bill, by keeping local merchants in business. 

5. Vote in Tuesday's primary. We may not have a say in how Trenton spends every dollar, but we do have a say over who gets into office—and that can have a direct impact on your wallet. Let your voice be heard. Vote. 

Kathleen Rutler June 06, 2011 at 01:36 PM
Like all of your ideas. Would like to add gardening composting! Grow your own herbs and vegetables-it is fun, can save a few bucks and allows for plenty of time either by yourself or with family out of doors. Composting saves money two ways: The first is that you end up with really good fertilizer for your garden and secondly, a good bit of trash is made up of things that can be composted: fruits, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, spent flowers, grass clippings, seedless weeds, shredded newspapers, brown bags, wood chips, and leaves. The less we put in the trash, the less the town has to pay to haul away!
Tedds June 06, 2011 at 06:18 PM
Hey, yea nowadays everybody should save money. Times are getting rougher folks I found another way to save money, though. I like to cook. So I started to ask my friends and family 'hey if I cook for you would you repair my car for that?' and my passion for bartering was born. Recently I came across barterquest.com where I can offer my service and in exchange get whatever I want. It's much easier to barter online. You can choose from so many articles. I love it.


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