Wyckoff Florist to Honor 50 Residents for 50th Anniversary Celebration

The shop is looking for nominations of 50 locals who give back to award a free dozen roses.

Owner Dot VanDerHorn at Wyckoff Florist.
Owner Dot VanDerHorn at Wyckoff Florist.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Wyckoff Florist and Gifts, and the store is celebrating in a way that it says will honor the memory of its original owner, and members of the community who give back.

The shop’s founder, Rose Fernandez, opened the business in Wyckoff in 1964.

“She was one of the most kind, generous people, and such a big supporter of the community,” current owner Dot VanDerHorn, who started working at Wyckoff Florist when she was in high school, said.

“She started the practice in this shop of supporting different needs in the community,” VanDerHorn said.

“She was a great role model and we have tried to continue that.”

VanDerHorn bought the business from Fernandez in 2004, so this year also marks her 10th anniversary as the owner.

“Dot was still here all the time [after she sold it]. The transition was seamless, and we loved having her here,” VanDerHorn said.

Fernandez died last April at age 90.

“We thought the 50th anniversary was a great opportunity to honor her,” VanDerHorn said.

So, starting this month, Wyckoff Florist and Gifts is accepting nominations of people who make the greater Wyckoff community better through service and “unselfish acts of kindness.”

Throughout the year, the florist will choose 50 nominated people to award a free dozen roses to. Nominations can be made in person at the store, or online at wyckoffflorist.com.

“This is also a way to reward our very loyal local customers,” VanDerHorn said.

“We are really big on shopping small and supporting local businesses because it makes a big difference. We want to say thank you to our customers and honor those who really show Rose’s spirit.”


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