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CHCC Vista Project Hearing Resumes Tuesday

The Wyckoff Zoning Board, Christian Health Care Center and SAVE Wyckoff will meet again following weeks without public hearing.

The public hearing on the controversial Vista project wil resume Tuesday after a month-long hiatus.

A number of issues still remain in contention for the Wyckoff Zoning Board and SAVE Wyckoff, a neighborhood activist group, and thus the Christian Health Care Center.

Primary amongst those lingering concerns are what to do with the Sicomac and Cedar Hill avenue intersection that was originially slated to be "improved" via state mandate following the installation of a CHCC entrance ramp nearby.

Based on previous testimony, it's likely that CHCC officials will simply remove the additional planned entryway and divert potential traffic to existing entrances in an effort to alleviate this concern.

Another major sticking point for the board over the past several meetings has been the makeup of certain building materials. 

Original plans provided by CHCC officials had called for the 258-resident complex to be constructed with "non-combustible materials," but following the downsizing of the project in October that changed.

In subsequent hearings, including those final meetings of 2012, zoners and CHCC building officials hadn't bridged the gap regarding how the housing complex would be built.

Friends of Wyckoff, in a Feb. 8 letter to supporters, listed a much-talked-about-but-not-officially-proposed Ridgewood Water Water Tower and the proposed Vista building height among their concerns.

"The Water Tower remains a concern, especially to residents near Merrywood Drive and Holly Drive," wrote a Friends of Wyckoff representative in the Feb. 8 letter.  "CHCC's engineer stated several times that water will come from Hawthorne Water, and that they do not require a water tower. However, no agreement has been made with Hawthorne Water. We hope the Board will include a resolution that no water tower be built."

The next Wyckoff Zoning Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 12, at 7:30 p.m.

Gary Rabinowitz February 11, 2013 at 07:57 PM
@ Stanley Goodman -- thank you for all your tireless efforts, Stanley, and to those whose voice, emails, comments and concerns have seemed to make a difference. GXR
magdalena February 12, 2013 at 04:43 AM
Sure, adjustments have been made on the Vista plans. But we cannot forget that these urgent major issues still exist: water; combustible building materials; height. WATER; COMBUSTIBLE BUILDING MATERIALS; HEIGHT -- translated as: MONSTROUS, UGLY, HUGE, WATER TOWER; DANGEROUS LIVING AND FIRE/EMT RESCUE CONDITIONS; THE LOOK OF A HIGH-RISE APARTMENT COMPLEX OR URBAN 'PROJECT' that isn't limited to the views of Merrywood Drive residents. We'll ALL see this mess from Rt 208, from Sicomac, from Cedar Hill Avenue, from Wyckoff Avenue. This will be part of OUR WYCKOFF. Thanks to our Design Review Board, we have Boulder Run with its empty storefronts; a Marshall's; a Stop & Shop that will be hard-pressed to stay alive next door -- literally -- to a ShopRite. We'll be left with a shell bigger than the shell left behind by the old Ben Franklin. And then there's the traffic...yes,.the traffic!! Ask yourself: can you get through that shopping center comfortably? Folks, we cannot let the Zoning Board members deliver us another blow. For what? Who benefits from this Vista monstrosity? Yudin Appliance sales? Lombardo or Donkersloot-related construction contracts? Borst (mayor Boonstra -related) Landscaping contracts? Look at the Zoning Board members and their connections!! Who is minding the store? Will our town be enhanced in any way whatsoever by this? FOLLOW THE MONEY!!
Andrea February 12, 2013 at 10:39 PM
@magdalena: I fail to see how any of the individuals you attacked in your comment would benefit. The only possible beneficiary from this project that I could see would be the local undertakers!
Wyckoff Resident February 13, 2013 at 01:29 AM
I don't personally know any member of the board but I believe that your insinuations are reprehensible. These people have volunteered their time not only to this board but in many cases to the Fire Dept, Little league etc. The truth is that we need capable people to make decisions on behalf of the community. So, what is acceptable for development? At some point the original Boulder Run had to be approved......what if they didn't approve it?.....the tax burden to others in the community would be huge......but I guess you could go to Midland Pk or Frank Lks for groceries....but then again what if THEY also said that they didn't want the development by them?! I live in the area near the nature center....we have a water tower over here.....are the other residents of the town better than us (since you feel that it is beneath you and them to view a water tower?) Water towers are necessary in some areas and everyone benefits from them. Perhaps you should submit your resume to Marshalls....they may want to hire you as CEO since you are clearly more capable of determining where a store will and will not be successful. YES, this is sarcastic but I am really upset to see people's reputations 'thrown under the bus" in your post. HOW DARE YOU?! Lastly, when you, your spouse, parents etc need the services that CHCC delivers are you willing to hear that there is no space available because you and other communities fought their existance?
Wyckoff Resident February 13, 2013 at 01:34 AM
I also want to make clear that I am NOT speaking to the merits of the CHCC proposal. I AM speaking to the deplorable smear of members of a committee in an attempt to intimidate them


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