VIDEO: Jonas Brothers Hard at Work on 'Anything Goes' Record

JoBro Kevin uploaded this behind-the-scenes video

The new Jonas Brothers album is on the way, and we've got the video to prove it.

Kevin Jonas tweeted some footage of bros Joe and Nick having some fun writing the horn parts for an undeniably catchy disco-infused song that could be on the upcoming Jonas Brothers record.

Nick, who's behind the keys on the latest video, spoke about the project in an interview, saying the their album has to be great. 

"We have spoken about it, and the thing we're doing which is different to any record we've made in the past is we're saying, 'Anything goes, let's just vibe out, listen to a million songs, write a million songs and see what we're feeling most.' Our statement, as a band, for this record has to be really strong. We feel like we want to deliver the best record we can," Nick told MTV recently.

Despite the #JonasBrothers2012 hashtag, Nick couldn't say for sure when he thought the album would drop.

"It may take a couple weeks, it may take months, it could take years, but we're ready to go on that journey. It's been a while and there has been a lot of growth as individuals and musically as well. We've all gone on our journeys musically. It'll be interesting to see what comes of that," Nick said in the same MTV interview.

It's been almost 3 years since the last JoBro record, Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

In other Nick Jonas news, the young star is set to return to "Smash" for the NBC drama's Season 1 finale. Jonas will reprise his role as Lyle West when "Smash" ends its first season on Mon., May 14 at 10 p.m. on NBC, according to the Hollywood reporter.

The Wyckoff native first appeared in the show's fourth episode as a former Broadway star and sitcom darling who previously worked with Tom (Christian Borle), Derek (Jack Davenport) and Eileen (Anjelica Huston). 

Check back with Wyckoff Patch for more Jonas Brothers news.

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