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'Cousins on Call' Get New 'Undercover' HGTV Deal

Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes cousins' new show slated to air in October.

The local stars of a breakout cable TV series will have another series by the end of the year, according to HGTV officials.

John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino, the eponymous cousins of Kitchen Cousins and Cousins on Call, Monday got the green light from the home improvement network for a new show called Undercover Overhaul.

The cousins — from Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes respectfully — are currently in production of six one-hour episodes for a show that will feature them completely reinventing "outdated, dysfunctional spaces, and surprising neighborhood heroes with stunning renovations," according to an HGTV statement. 

The series is expected to premiere in October. 

“Combining the element of surprise with help for deserving homeowners in need of a renovation, Undercover Overhaul is the perfect vehicle to broaden visibility for the cousins,” said HGTV General Manager Kathleen Finch. “A new series showcasing the cousins exemplifies our focus to identify and develop strong talent like Anthony and John, further establishing our dominance in home-related programming.” 

Network reps called the show "furiously paced and emotionally-charged."

"The series will follow the duo as they work feverishly, using any means necessary, to finish the job before our hero returns home for the big reveal," according to HGTV.

Colaneri and Carrino's current show, Cousins on Call, currently airs on HGTV on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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Ryan Brunson October 27, 2013 at 08:27 PM
Hi, my mother in law could really use the kitchen brothers help. She has been a single mom to 2 children who are now grown. She has worked every since she was 14 but she is always taken care of others and never do for herself. Her kitchen is falling apart and she hosts dinners,breakfast there all the time for family and friends. One a year she has a breakfast to honor the family members that pasted. It will be 50 or more people there. She cooks all the time for everyone but can not afford to get the work done in her house. She has a big heart and is always helping others. I would love to be able to help her and give her the things she offers everyone else. She deserves it more then anyone I know. Please help!
Stacey Gentry October 29, 2013 at 12:36 AM
Hello .. I would like to nominate Linda & Leroy Gentry In Freedom Indiana .. yes they are my parents .. but that is not why i would like to get them a make over .. they both for the last 40yrs plus have spent hours and days of 100% volunteer work with 4H in our County .. both as 4-H leaders , Project Leaders , 4-H counsel , Fair Board members for again 40 plus years ... they have touched hundreds of kids lives over the years.. and on the other side .. they put there self last .. and a long with that .. and if that was not all .. they also Volunteer with the town community center .. and are both the town ship trustees .. taking care of the township they live in .. helping out families that are in need in the area .. along with 100s of other things .. and there are a lot of other things as well .. Growing if any one needed help they .. just helped .. we had friends that lived with us when there parents may have kicked them out .. we just took them in and become part of the family .. no questions ... they have worked hard all there lives and a little something good would be nice ... Thank you
Traiell Louis Esters October 30, 2013 at 02:39 AM
Hello. My name is Traiell L. Esters. I am a 28years old African American Youth Minister here in Waterloo, Iowa. The reason that I am writing is to first say you are doing a fantastic job in touching the hearts of people who deserves the Gold Stars. Its the little things that matter the most to certain individuals and Families. The next thing I would like to request that if it was possible if you guys design Youth Church's. In my Community I have a Organization called Pearl House Ministries Inc. which is a Organization designed for Youth to fulfill the talents, gifts and hearts desires in a Atmosphere that is Comfortable. The Facility that we are in is in desperate need of remodeling for the benefiting, growth and incoming of more Youth. The Organization has been in place for about 4 in a half years and it would be 5 years this December. Thank God!! Please can you help our cause. 319 427 0558
Diana Sandridge October 31, 2013 at 02:01 AM
Hi, I am a teacher in a small, rural school in Southern California. We have a majority of students who sometimes have so many complications in their home life that school is their "safe" place to learn and to play. We have added extra curricular sports to help keep these student's grade up and to give them something to work for and to hopefully, help give them an opening to more in life. We currently play volleyball and basketball outside on outside courts. We don't have a gym, so we play at the local community center that we walk to that has a 3/4 size basketball court and we attach a net to the walls of the gym to play volleyball. However, they are fixing plumbing problems, so we have had to play in 100+ temperature to 57 degree temperature with the wind blowing outside! We need help building a gym for our school--do have any advice for us? Any resources we could utilize to help get something for our students to be out of the weather and improving our sports program, we would be Thankful! Thanks!
alice_battista@yahoo.com July 19, 2014 at 09:11 PM
My husband is a disabled veteran and I am unemployed. We have a granddaughter name Hope that is 9 years old and we have had her for 41/2 years. She eats at on old Piano that we have because our house is to small for a dining room. It a 2 bedroom 2 bath mobile home. My wish is to build a new living room and make my living room the dining area. She doesn't ask for much but this is something that I wish we could do for her before her adoption goes through. We have saved our money to adopt her and she is so happy about it. She asked me all the time if she is ours yet but we are waiting on the lawyer to get it on the docket. The only other thing that she has ever asked us for is a real playhouse with windows and doors. She is our angel. Thank you, Alice


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