Popular Facebook Group Keeps a Maternal Finger on Wyckoff's Pulse

The 'Wyckoff Moms' network has more than 700 members

If the saying “Power in Numbers” is true, one popular Facebook group should be a force to reckon with here in Wyckoff.

The invitation-only, online "Wyckoff Moms" group boasts a membership of more than 700 Wyckoff mothers since its creation in January.

Township residents Aimee and Andrew Basa conceived the group as a forum for maternal types to share information, seek advice, exchange ideas and learn from one another; a few dads have even been admitted into the club.

“Some are stay-at-home or single dads and some moms use their husband’s Facebook account,” according to Aimee.       

Admittance is gained by invitation from a current Wyckoff Moms member and guidelines have been set to maintain the group’s integrity.

“This group gives Wyckoff moms a safe place to communicate with other moms in the community and gain recommendations from who to use for carpet cleaning [or] to swapping lacrosse equipment,” said Basa.

A stickler for manners, Basa has asked members to “respect one another” and “to be kind” when posting opinions. As sole administrator for the group, Basa has warned a few moms about their postings but no one has been asked to leave the group to date.

“Basically I want everyone to play nice in the sandbox,” laughed Basa.

During the recent Halloween snow storm, members shared information about power outages, school closings, detours, generator availability and shelter options.

One commenter even offered up some warm, Wyckoff-style generosity on the group's wall during the surprise storm.

"I know I don’t know many of you but if you need a place to stay or to warm up please let me know. We have heat and wine," wrote Lisa Liebman, a young mom who recently moved to Wyckoff.

Mom Daniela Rubinetti said she checks the site daily, but found it especially valuable during the storm. “The most up to the minute news I found during the storm was on Wyckoff Moms. It is my go-to place for information in my community because I trust what the members are saying,” offers Rubinetti.

Some of the members of Wyckoff Moms are “mompreneurs.”  

Group founder Aimee runs afterschool cooking classes called Little Chefs Cooking Academy and Mari Schofield creates original jewelry for her shop Winnie & Belle.

“Wyckoff Moms has allowed women small business owners an opportunity to network and connect with fellow moms,” Aimee said.

Brooke Langstein, owner of Be Creative Photography, was one of the original five members on Wyckoff Moms.  “Anytime I hire someone for work around the house I check to see who other moms are using and what they thought about the service.” said Langstein.

Her business has benefited as well; she attributes an increase in business to showcasing her photography work on the site and recommendations from happy clients. 

Like a proud parent boasting about their child, Aimee pointed out “there is no other forum in Wyckoff reaching people on a daily basis. There is something about the information moms know collectively about their town that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Suzanne van Doorne December 05, 2011 at 01:48 PM
Great Article indeed ;-)
Michele Kurys December 06, 2011 at 02:58 AM
Great article! Wyckoff Moms is definitely a great source of info.
Cathleen Cahn December 06, 2011 at 04:21 AM
Great Article! Wyckoff Moms is a fabulous group with so much talent and information to offer. Thanks to the Basa's, too.
Sandy Phillips July 12, 2012 at 01:07 PM
Great article Lynne! You were the person who got me invited into the group. Although, we can be considered "Older Moms", I have benefited greatly from the group, by finding my wonderful nutritionist as well as feeling connected with the communty even though Marc is in college. There is alot of information to share and knowledge is power!
Donna Dever March 24, 2014 at 01:42 PM
Great article. Glad we have groups like this!


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